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Anti-Corruption become an empire of corruption and lawlessness.

Anti-Corruption become an empire of corruption and lawlessness.
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LAHORE (QAISER MUGHAL/UNN) The PTI government’s slogan of corruption-free Pakistan, merit and law-enforcement, crashed. Anti-Corruption Establishment which was established for the elimination of corruption has now become an empire of corruption and lawlessness itself.

The bad reputed Assistant Director Monitoring (ADM) Lahore Region Riasat Ali disclosed photographs and corruption of his own female colleague Assistant Director Legal (ADL) Zil-e- Huma and other employees, ADL got Regular Inquiry order E/546/18 of its employees with ADM instead of departmental inquiry under harassment charges.

Following the Daily Frontier Post interrogative report and after talking to the sources, it has come out that ADM Riasat had some personal grudge with the ADL Zil-e-Huma, and keeping this in mind the ADM Riasat gave details of corruption and photographs of ADL Zil-e-Huma to the Junior Clerk Tanvir Sajjad to be published in newspapers.

After which the office environment in the Lahore region became quite tense, and a group of Legal officials born within the Anti-Corruption, including Deputy Director Legal (DDL), Chaudhary Riaz, ADL Saad Naeem, ADL Madam Saadia and ADL Malik Naveed etc. Legal Group put up the inquiry to Investigation Officer (IO), Rais Khan, who went to perform Hajj. After him IO Agha Mahmood Inspector Head Quarter and DDI Gondal did not report according to legal group, in spite of that, legal group mounted pressure on them.

After which the legal group led the inquiry to a close friend of Zil-e-Huma, DDI, Sheikhupura Madam Nosheen, She inquired in Huma’s office according to her which is against the norms of Justice.

It is important to note that the officers of the Anti-corruption Establishment are playing meetings and “All is Well” is reported to the Punjab Govt. to maintain there best reputation.

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