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Armed Groups in Syria’s Daraa Agree to Surrender Arms

Armed Groups in Syria’s Daraa Agree to Surrender Arms
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Moscow (UNN): A ceasefire agreement and the return of Syrian refugees from Jordan’s border have been negotiated with the leaders of armed groups in the Syrian province of Daraa, sources claimed.

The Russian center for Syrian reconciliation has announced that the leaders of armed groups in Syria’s Daraa had agreed to surrender weapons and halt hostilities.

“As a result of the talks, under the mediation of the Russian Center for Reconciliation with the leaders of armed groups in the province of Daraa an agreement on the following issues: the cessation of hostilities, the beginning of the delivery of heavy and medium weapons in all settlements under the control of armed groups, has been reached,” the center said in a report.

They have also reached an agreement on resumption of the Syrian government bodies’ work.

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