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General Council Meeting of Pakistan Kabbadi Federation

General Council Meeting of Pakistan Kabbadi Federation
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Lahore (UNN) The meeting of Pakistan Kabaddi Federation was convened today by Ch. Shafay Hussain, President Pakistan Kabaddi Federation and all the member units of PKF attended the meeting.

The members praised the conduct of Super Kabaddi League in a befitting manner and termed the event as a major step towards promotion of Kabaddi and development of national Kabaddi players. It is an effort to elevate not only the sports of Kabaddi but national sports and Super Kabaddi League shall highlight the importance of sports in development of a nation.

On the issue regarding participation of some athletes in unauthorized national and international events, the General Council of Pakistan Kabaddi Federation unanimously decided to take stern action against such individuals, including permanent disbarment from the sports of Kabaddi, who defame and damage the sports of Kabaddi and Pakistan Kabaddi Federation by participating in unautorized events that lack the controls over doping and other evils like human trafficking.

In a resolution passed unanimously, the General Council concluded that PKF remains the sole entity to govern the sports of every form of Kabaddi in Pakistan and any illegal establishment shall be taken to task for misrepresenting itself as Kabaddi body. Only the affiliates of PKF and PKF itself is vested with the right to govern every kind of Kabaddi in Pakistan. It is the PKF that controls the game in all aspects where other sham factions misuse the athletes and put them on stake as they are not entitled to run the affairs as per national and international standards exposing the unfortunate misguided Kabaddi players to doping and human trafficking. The members voiced unity to protect and govern the Kabaddi of any style being the only authorized body to control all styles of Kabaddi and decided to eliminate all illegal and fake bodies by taking all measures.

With the initiative like Super Kabaddi League, PKF shall be able to achieve its objectives mainly holding national flag high in the world of sports.

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