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Mesaq-e-Medina Conference in Washington DC will held on 15th July, J.Salik

Mesaq-e-Medina Conference in Washington DC will held on 15th July, J.Salik
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Lahore (UNN) A Former Federal minister, three times nationally elected member National Assembly on Christian reserved seat from all over the Pakistan, Nominee Nobel Peace Prize and a known Peace Activist Mr. Julius Salik is going to organize Mesaq-e-Medina Conference in Washington DC, USA on 15th July, 2018.

He said that Islamic Scholars from every state of America would be invited to attend the conference and the purpose of this conference is to discuss the problems of minorities in Pakistan and to make the proper strategies for the rights of minorities in the guidance of these scholars according to Islam as Hazrat Mohammad gave complete rights to minorities in his last sermon Mesaq-e-Medina.

Mr. J. Salik said that minorities in Pakistan need their democratic rights and he struggled a legal fight of 13 years to get the democratic rights for minorities in Pakistan and then finally Supreme Court of Pakistan advised Parliament of

Pakistan to change the method of elections for minorities and to bring them toward elections instead of selection, in the decision of 5th August, 2015 but all the political parties showed same sort of non seriousness on this important issue.

Mr. J Salik said that he will be always continuing raise his voice against this important issue and will try to bring the minorities in democratic process and to implement the decision of Supreme Court. Mr. J Salik said that he will also raise his voice for the rights of minorities in Berma, 400 refugee Pakistani families of Rohingya, Thailand, and for the rights of oppressed people of Kashmir. He said that he will also hold inauguration ceremony of his book “Peace Journey” in near future Washington DC, USA.



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