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Mom stabbed her daughter brutally

Mom stabbed her daughter brutally
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London (UNN):  A mom stabbed her 11 year-old daughter so many times police say they were unable to count the wounds she inflicted on her. Taheera Ahmad is accused of binding and gagging her three girls, before slashing the eldest multiple times with a knife, then setting the house on fire and kidnapping the youngest, who is seven. Miraculously, her daughter survived the horrific assault, and is in a critical condition at a Tulsa hospital, with police now frantically searching for the fugitive mom and her daughter Hafza Hailey. They fear the little girl is in serious danger, and issued an Amber Alert after the attack took place Monday night. Tulsa PD spokesman Officer Jeanne MacKenzie said the middle daughter, aged 9, provided a witness statement. She said: ‘The 11 year-old was stabbed so many times that officers on scene couldn’t count them ‘The witness stated that earlier in the evening the mother had duct taped their hands put socks in their mouths and then stabbing the 11 year-old.’ Officer MacKenzie said the two younger children had managed to escape and run to a relative’s house for help, but that Ahmad had ultimately managed to abduct her youngest child. They said that Ahmad left the scene in a black 2005 Lexus RX300, adding that there was no known history of child abuse or domestic violence in the woman’s family. She added that Ahmad may be suffering from mental health or drug-related issues.

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