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NAB did not notice , DG Anti Corruption ready to “escape”

NAB did not  notice , DG Anti Corruption ready to “escape”
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LAHORE ( Qaiser Mughal ) Director general Anti Corruption Punjab, Brigadier (R) Muzaffar Ali Ranjha,mis used the powers and cahnge the enquiry of Rs.billions mega corruption in the clean water company case due to the orders received above. Director General rolled the matter of illegal payment of more than 100 million to the Daughter of chief minister punjab Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif ,Fatima and son in law Ali Imran,DG pressed  the matter by dumping the facts of corruption by misguiding the wrong case of the mega corruption in the Anti Corruption Court.

In Clean water scam enquiry, NAB Lahore not issued regular notice to DG anti Corruption ,and the NAB officials still not put the name into the ECL, so thah the DG anti Corruption prepared to escape from the country.

Sources said that the many cases are being held in courts ,many complaints are regarding changing the enquiry reports , seeking results and involvement in corruption, against Director General Muzaffar Ali Ranjha.

Due to the clean water mega corruption enquiry in NAB, the facts start coming about corruption of  Anti corruption officials , especially corruption and mis use of powers by Directoer General Brigadier (r) Muzaffar Ali Ranjha.

DG Anti Corruption damaged the actual facts and made the resuilts of clean water enquiry case according to the desire of Chief Minister Punjab Mohammad shahbaz Sharif .

Sources told that clean water company is suffering from more than Rs 7 billion in the National Treasury, in this mega corruption,100 millions were  transferred to joint account of daughter of Chief Minister Punjab Fatima and son in law Ali Imran, But the Director General Anti Corruption hide the facts in enquiry and filed a case against other officials in the Anti Corruption Court .

NAB Lahor asked the DG Anti-corruption Punjab ,about the provision of record regarding Clean Water Company Mega Corruption Case, but he refused to provide any kind of record to the NAB, which shows that DG anti Corruption wants to hide actual facts of clean water mega corruption case.which is illegal action, the Punjab government has confirmed the move of DG Anti Corruption, the Punjab government has “cleared” that No record-related clean water mega corruption case will be provided to the NAB.

Sources said that according to NAB rules, NAB officials can be called enquiry of clean water case from Anti-corruption Punjab and NAB Court  can also be called case fron Anti Corruption Court, which will be re-examined and in connection with crime curtain,action will be taken against DG Anti Corruption Punjab Brigadier (R) Muzaffar Ranjha.sources also clear that according to NAB law, a refernce  could be filed against DG Anti Corruption ,to hide the actual facts , hiding the crime , and also mis use of powers . Sources further told that the enquiry regarding the involvement of Chief Minister Punjab’s daughter and son-in-law in clean water mega corruption case has been started but the NAB authorities have not yet issued any  notice to the DG Anti-corruption Brigade (R) Muzaffar Ali for the progress in mega corruption case. Ranjha has not been included enquiry by serving notice nor was he named in the ECL, which led to his escape abroad.

The reliable sources claimed that the DG Anti-corruption has also received visas for other countries, including Italy, and he will escape from the country before May 31 .

sources further said that ,corruption at peak in anti corruption now a days, never learnt before . Applicants are suffering , Whereas the national treasury looters of Rs. Millions/ billions are enjoying ,by giving heavy bribe to corrupt officers of Anti Corruption, and the files are all “overwhelming”.

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