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NAB Lahore arrested Naveed Azam Chaudhry former SHOand accused Farmaish Ali

NAB Lahore arrested Naveed Azam Chaudhry former SHOand accused Farmaish Ali
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Lahore (Qaiser Mughal) National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Lahore has been probing into the alleged financial embezzlements worth Billions of rupees being committed in Home Land Real Estate Case, whereas, NAB Lahore arrests two important accused namely Naveed Azam Chaudhry, former Satation House Officer (SHO), Burki Police Station, Lahore and accused Farmaish Ali over allegations of gaining pecuniary advantages from chief culprit Nadeem Ahmed.

According to the details, the then SHO, Naveed Azam Chaudhry, PS Burki willfully failed to exercise his duty by not registering any case against the accused Nadeem Ahmed who was involved in cheating public at large and misappropriation of huge amounts which was collected from general public despite receiving number of complaints against him. Investigation proceedings further revealed that the accused Naveed Azam Chaudhry through illegal, dishonest and by corrupt means obtained numerous assets/properties in the name of his spouse worth Millions of rupees which were purchased by accused Nadeem Ahmed from crime proceeding, whereas, accused Naveed Azam Chaudhry also received illegal gratifications of Rs 3 Million from accused Nadeem Ahmed for not initiating criminal proceedings against the accused under the law. NAB officials, however, have obtained 14 day Physical Remand of the accused Naveed Azam Chaudhry by producing him before an Accountability Court.

The other accused namely Farmaish Ali allegedly received Rs 15 Million from chief accused Nadeem Ahmed from the amount dishonestly collected by general public.  It has also been unearthened that the accused Farmaish Ali owns two houses worth Rs 18 Million and a costly shop in IQ Mall. NAB Lahore had earlier arrested four accused in the same case. The arrests had been made following the intimation by Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU) in the wake of unusual money transactions. The investigations, so far, reveal illegal transations amounting to Rs 2 Billion into Home Land Real Estate accounts, whereas, the amount was collected from around 168 affectees by cheating and misappropriation.

NAB officials would produce the accused Farmaish Ali before an Accountability Court to seek his Physical Remand.

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