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NO Indian movies during Eids

NO Indian movies during Eids
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Islamabad (UNN) The exhibition and screening of Indian and foreign films will be banned from two days before the Eid to until two weeks after the holiday. Under this ban no cinema across Pakistan will be allowed to show Indian movies during the Eid holidays. Eid is the golden time for the big business for new movies. A notification was issued by the ministry of information and broadcasting in order to impose temporary ban on movies. An official Pakistan Film Exhibitiors’ Association said, ‘The notification says that the temporary ban is being imposed in order to promote local movies on the festivals, a time when usual than larger audience is attracted towards cinemas.” The notification will also be applied during Eid-ul-Adha holidays which will fall around August or September. The ban is imposed because of constant complains of local producers and artists that their new films face stiff completion from the Indian and Hollywood movies.

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