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Protest against police ,which booked senior journalist Naeem Gillani in a fake case.

Protest against police ,which booked senior journalist Naeem Gillani in a fake case.
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LAHORE(UNN) Misuse of power is no new news in Punjab’s police culture anymore but the incident of police abuse of power last week raised many questions in which a senior journalist Naeem Gillani was booked in a fake case.

While, a large number of Whadat Colony residents’ also held a protest demonstration against SHO Furqan and TASI Rashid for harassing the people and registering a fake case.

Protestors have demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan and the newly incumbent Inspector General Police Punjab Dr Syed Kaleem Imam for providing justice them to hold an inquiry on this issue.

Protestors said that police put innocent citizen lives on risk by allegedly allowing and facilitating a contractor for construction of the building despite honourable court stayed the construction. They were holding placards in their hands inscribed with different slogans against police including “Police’s bullying is not accepted”, “Say No to Oppression” and “We want justice”

Residents claimed the said contractor was using a low-quality iron rod (Sariya) in the building construction and playing with the people’s lives and has not been given up the construction despite several humble requests from nearby residents of the street.

Residents had already got a stay from the court. While on last Friday, contractor forcibly tried to restart a constitution once again, on which, one of the residents of the same street gave a call on Police Emergency helpline number 15 for stopping the contractor from illegal construction because he could not proceed due to presence of stay order.

Surprisingly, instead of solving the matter, police upon arrival detained the complainant by claiming that he gave a fake call. While, the reality was totally opposite contrary to police claim.

They further said that police also threaten senior citizens to put them behind the bars on raising voice on making a false claim against a local resident of area under the section 107/151.

On Sunday, the Police repeated the incident and took into custody the same person by once again claiming that he gave a fake call on police helpline 15.

When this scribe contacted with SHO Whadat Colony Furqan, he said that they registered a genuine case. On a query, he said that Naeem Gilani did not give any fake call or even police did not claim something like this (A U-turn in his claim when the incident was brewing that led to local residents to police station). The residents claimed to have a video proof in which TASI Rashid is claiming that caller gave a fake call.

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