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Rs. billions Rupees fraud in land Acquisition for Sahiwal Coal Power Plant

Rs. billions Rupees fraud in land Acquisition for Sahiwal Coal Power Plant
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Lahore ( Qaiser Mughal ): A fraud of The billions of rupees have been revealed by the country’s influential people in the Sahiwal Coal Power Plant , a country’s leading businessman joint venture with a high-profile son, buy the 2000 acres land for Sahiwal Coal Power Plant from farmers worth Rs. 15 to 18 lakhs per acre,sold to China Company at the rate of 40 lakhs per acre and got a “Dehari” of about  Rs.4500 millions.

Increased in environmental pollution, dangerous diseases,causes to numerous deaths, both units used in Sahiwal Coal plant were scraped in China, leading businessmen planed with a high-profile son to bring these dismentled units in Pakistan,so they made a mega energy projet for showoff.

If the NAB and the Supreme Court make a neutral enquiry of this important and sensitive matter, the loss of billions of rupees to the National Treasury as well the loss of precious human life will be avoided, while The loss of billions of rupees of farmer’s will also be solved.

In this regard most reliable sources told that ,The power plant is located about (12 mi) from Sahiwal and (9.3 mi) from Okara cantonmant, just north of the road which connects the two towns, The power plant is Pakistan’s first coal power plant, and consists of two 660-megawatt (890,000 hp) plants for a combined capacity of 1,320 MW. This is the first phase, and may be followed by a possible second phase which will include two 1,000-megawatt (1,300,000 hp) plants.

The plant was built by a joint consortium of China’s state-owned China Huaneng Group which will own 51% of shares, and the Shandong Ruyi which will hold 49% of shares. The Government of Pakistan will purchase electricity from the consortium at a tariff of 8.3601 US Cents/kWh. The project was built on a built, operate, transfer basis in which the plant’s ownership will be transferred to the Government of Punjab after 30 years of operation.

Sources said that electricity wil get or not from Sahiwal Coal power plant, and how will it benefit to the public, at the moment, this project was made to set up a “Dehari” of billions,beside the showoff aspects of this project, sale purchase of land and in other matters , “they” are earning billions of rupees.

for which “they” Made a mega power project to bring two power plant plants to Pakistan ,which were dismantled in china, and to cast dust on the public eyes .Provinicial Energy Department purchased the land on the right side of the Lower Bari Doab for the construction of this coal plant, from the 372 farm owners also private owners

Sources said that, surprisingly, there is thousands of acres government land, associated with Chak Numbers 76/6-R, where this Power plant could be installed.

But To earn billions of rupees, the land was Acquired from private owners by the land Acquisition

Act 1894, below the market rate.

A District Price Assessment Committee (DPAC) was formed under the District Collector, this committee met with private owners and made a deal, including land prices, crops, fried and wild trees, tubewell and also water channels, the principle was decided that the district government would determine the value of each area. Total Acquired land was 1016 acres 2 kanal and 1002 acres 2 kanal , for the Power plant.

Sources Said fruitful and wild trees on the land were cut down, tube wal and water channels were removed. Various crops on wheat, cotton, maize etc, crops were planted on the 783 acres of land associated with this area and they were also eliminated before the construction of power plants.

Sources claimed that both units installed in Sahiwal Coal Plant, were removed in china,due to many human deaths in the region, As increase in environmental pollution there.now in Pakistan , this power plant is becoming a major increase in environmental pollution in Sahiwal region , which has increased ratio in the temperature of the related areas 10 % .

spreading in the associated area asthma, hepatitis C, lung cancer, high blood pressure, and it is being expressed that the power plants that ended due to the deaths in China and also China has scraped all these power plants, Such power plants are being planted in Pakistan only with the idea of ​​”bari dehari” and the destruction of human beings, the destruction of crops and land, was given “pressed” . Sources have expressed concerns that in the next five years there will be a rise in the number of diseases and deaths in the area and destruction of crops.

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